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Unclog Your Kitchen Sink: Honolulu Plumbers

If you ever were doing dishes in your kitchen sink, and the water is not draining, you will feel how terrible it is. To unclog your kitchen, you may ask for any Honolulu plumbers or do it yourself. It is always the best solution to take the assistance of a professional. But we will discuss today some ways to unclog your kitchen sink so that you can do it yourself instantly and solve your problems. Excited to know them? Well, here they are:

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First Try the Boiling Water 

Boiling water will come to your aid if things like tiny particles, food residue, soap, heavy elements, etc., are blocking the way. Hot water will help you to lose your way. Just boil adequate water on your gas burner or stove. Now, start pouring them directly over the hole. If it is not working or draining slowly, do that again. Be careful to hold and pour the water. Otherwise, you may get hurt. Go for the next step if it is not working.

Check Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal of your sink may be the reason beyond this blocking. You should turn it on to see whether the clog breaks or not. You should press the reset button again if there are any issues inside it. Activate the button rebooting it. Finally, turn the reset button again. If it does not work this way, let’s move to another method.

Use Hot Water and Salt

First, try to remove most of the water from your sink. Now pour salt (a half a cup) into the drain. After that, start pouring boiling water again. Wait for a few minutes. You should flash it with boiling water to make the way clear.

Baking Soda and Vinegar Method 

Now, we will go to another step. This time we will be using baking soda and vinegar. We will take apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, whatever you like. Same amount of baking soda will now mix with the vinegar. After some time, it will start to create bubbles. When it is stopped, you may put the solution into the drain. You have to wait a minimum of 15 minutes. Again, use the hot water to unblock the way. You can go for the same method again if it is needed.

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Utilize Baking Soda and Salt

The mixture of baking soda and salt can unclog your sink. Take half a cup of salt and one cup of baking soda. Now directly pour them into the drain. You have to give it time a few hours to sit the ingredients. Finally, the hot water flush is what you have to do. If it is needed, you can do it again.

Try The Plumber’s Snake

Another name for the plumber’s snake is the auger. They are used to clear blocks into the drain under the kitchen sink. Open the P-trap and drainpipes, which are under your kitchen sink. Thus the “stubout” or “stub pipe” will come out. It is situated behind the cabinet wall. Now put the plumber’s snake into it and try to remove or break any blocks you feel.

Use A Hanger

You may not have a plumber’s snake in your house. But you don’t need to feel upset. You can think about the hanger as a replacement for it. A hanger is not long enough like a snake. But you can go for it. Now, pull or push to get the clog. You may bring out the clog in this way.

You may always try by yourself to unclog the kitchen sink. But if it doesn’t work, you should look for some professional Honolulu plumbers.

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Q: Can I Remove Clogs from My Kitchen?

A: You will be able to do it if the problem is not out of your hands. Otherwise, you need to look for an expert plumbers Honolulu to do it.

Q: What Can I Use Instead of A Plumber’s Snake To Unclog My Sink?

A: We all have hangers in our house for our clothes. You can use a hanger as a replacement for it.